Joseph Price, MD is a board certified family physician who has lived and practiced in Mount Airy for over 25 years. Dr. Price believes in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms nor individual maladies. He listens well to each patient and together they develop curative and preventative strategies and treatment plans. His intimate knowledge of diverse and complementary healing techniques greatly benefits his patients. Dr. Price founded Partners in Wellness© as an outgrowth of his belief in integrating various traditional and non-traditional healing techniques in order to offer fully integrated care. CALL TODAY FOR A CONSULTATION WITH ONE OF THE AREA'S LEADING HOLISTIC M.D.'S

514 East Sedgwick Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215)248.4236 (Map to Office)

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Partners in Wellness is a network of practitioners who share a common belief that wellness is based on balance, and that true healing is a joint commitment between patient and practitioner. Our goal is to apply traditional and Holistic principles in this integrated and mutually shared vision. Using both ancient and modern Holistic tools we facilitate the patient’s own healing abilities and self-care.



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