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Dr joseph price


Joseph Price, MD, is a licensed family medicine physician at Partners in Wellness in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has lived and practiced in the Mt. Airy neighborhood for more than 40 years.  

As a physician, he takes the whole-person approach to care by focusing on the patient and not merely on the symptoms and disease. He founded Partners in Wellness to offer patients an integrated approach to care, combining traditional and non-traditional healing techniques to improve balance and well-being.

After completing his undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College, he earned his Doctor of Medicine at Lewis Katz School at Temple University in Philadelphia. He completed his internship at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia before doing his post-doctoral fellowship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, where he received his MSEE in Bio-medical Engineering.

When it comes to care, Dr. Price listens to his patients carefully to develop curative and preventive strategies that promote wellness. His patients benefit greatly from his experience and detailed knowledge of diverse and complementary healing techniques. His goal as a family doctor is to engage individuals and families in an integrated path toward health, using the best of Eastern and Western medicine.



Dr joseph price


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